The creators of KA-RA are DPLG architects and will assist you at all stages of your project, from concept development to implementation, whether it is an expansion or brand new buildings.

We gladly accept any or all of the steps of the project you choose to entrust to us.

- Architectural Design
- Airport Design, expansion / development
- Preliminary & conceptual designs
- Project planning
- Construction Operations

Used to large-scale projects, the KA-RA team controls seamlessly projects of any size, locally or internationally.
Our references, the result of our experience over the past decade, are the guarantee of the high level services we provide you.
The relationship with our clients is of the utter most importance to us and we ensure to provide each of our clients the attention, time and quality they deserve.


KA-RA combines the expertise of architects, software engineers and graphic designers. We stand together at your service to provide the most appropriate way to communicate your projects. We have all the tools necessary to outline the added value of a project, in total accuracy to the designs, up to its geolocation.

Our visualization services are:

- The interactive 3D model: With our models you will visit your project with an interactive and immediate view in an immersive environment. You will move freely, you will display variations and change them at will, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Once your model is delivered, you can extract images and videos directly and without limitation.

As an additional value to your project, you will be able to immediately share the model with your interlocutors. Customers and partners will freely experience the volumes, design and lighting of the project with an immediate understanding. You can manage the degree of interactivity available to your recipients, ranging from simple navigation in the project up to on the fly editing.

- Images and HD video (DVD, web video): With images and videos fine and detailed, you give life to your project, and all in HD quality.

- Assistance: from the beginning of the project and monitoring at the discretion of its evolution. You are at the beginning of the project supervised by an architect who form a team of technicians and designers as needed. Available and at your disposal, you will be able to manage your project at your own pace and work your pipeline.